MEDIA TRACKERS: Election workers quit Kenosha polling place delaying voters by hours

August 16, 2011
Brian Sikma

Kenosha, WI – Sources are reporting that Kenosha Ward 34 experienced some hiccups this morning that slowed down voting and created a wait lasting up to 45 minutes. Apparently, several individuals that were scheduled to work the ward’s poll for today’s recall election in Senate District 22 decided to call the chief election officer of the location late last night and say they couldn’t work the polls today. Frustrated with this response, the chief election official decided to call it quits for the day.

With the top poll worker absent and others refusing to work, Ward 34, which is reported to have an unusually high 12,000 residents (not registered voters) opened very slowly. A handful of poll workers were brought in from other locations to man the posts that were vacant and by noon all appeared to be moving along smoothly. The confusion was significant enough to call for an appearance by Kenosha City Clerk Mike Higgins who worked to make sure that the location was able to implement some sort of plan to remedy the massive backlog.

Ward 34 went for Kloppenburg in the Spring judicial election and for Walker last November. It is comprised of many newly expanded subdivisions and residential areas and is slated to be redrawn for the next election due to its overly high number of residents.