WISCONSIN WAVE: What business owners are saying about WMC-Free Wisconsin

December 18, 2013
Dave Schwab, Wisconsin Wave
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It’s difficult to overstate the power that corporate special interests like Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) wield over Wisconsin’s governor, legislature, and Supreme Court.
We at Wisconsin Wave have been hard at work this year organizing a mass divestment campaign from WMC, the state’s largest and most powerful corporate lobbyist group - so here’s a sampling of what small business owners are saying about our WMC-Free Wisconsin campaign:
“WMC puts corporate interests ahead of people's interests. I want decisions based on people. “
-Joe, Stoughton Appliance Repair
“True small businesses need a voice. The major corporations' manipulation doesn't benefit the people.”
-Luna and Andrew, Cosmic Delights Gift Shop
“It is important that my business is WMC Free because I believe that a world of small businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators creating jobs and value to local communities is the best economic expression of our democratic American principles.”
-Pete, Skeleton Crew LLC
This campaign is resonating with small business owners - more are signing on to our WMC-Free business coalition every day. But to continue our work to stop WMC and build positive alternatives for Wisconsin’s future, we need your support.
So far we have raised $2,156 of our $5,000 end-of-year fundraising goal - will you make a tax-deductible contribution of $20 or more to support the Wave’s work today?
Dave Schwab
Outreach director, Wisconsin Wave
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For more info on the Wisconsin Wave's Shut the Chamber campaign to take back our government from big money, visit http://wisconsinwave.org/shut-chamber-wisconsin