Post Your Recount Observations on this Webpage

May 1, 2011
Brian Pruka

The Wisconsin Wave has established this webpage for citizens monitoring the Wisconsin Supreme Court recount as a place where we can share our news and observations.  Bookmark this page if you want the latest recount news from citizens on the scene at courthouses around the state.

This website is intended as a non-partisan site focused upon insuring the integrity of the ballot-counting process. We are not going to edit out any author's opinion of what they observe at the recount --we realize that many citizen observers are there as volunteers on behalf of one or the other of the campaigns-- but we will edit out statements that blatantly cheer for one campaign, or that blatantly promote a political agenda. Watchdogging this recount is about making sure only valid ballots are counted and counted correctly, not about promoting an ideology or emoting over who is winning or losing.

I spent two hours observing the Dane County recount process on Thursday afternoon and plan to post my observations soon. May is a busy time of year (my gardens are calling) but if we all pitch in a little, we can watchdog this recount process and also get on with the many other events in our lives. Please attend your county's recount if you can, so that we together can insure that Wisconsin's vote-tallying process is secure, accurate and in no way compromised or questionable.

-Brian Pruka
Madison, WI