Forward Lookout reports on the new court order that reopens the Capitol building

June 16, 2011
Brenda Konkel

Well, lets see if they follow this court order . . . From Peter Barca . . . .

A victory for the people in the People’s House
Lawsuit forces Walker to reopen the Capitol to its rightful owners: Wisconsin citizens

MADISON – Gov. Walker’s Department of Administration was court ordered today to reopen the Capitol to Wisconsin citizens without metal detectors or strictly curtailed access for citizens. This lockdown became a hallmark of the building four months ago, when Walker began his assault on workers’ rights that resulted in hundreds of thousands of citizens peacefully assembling to ask that their rights not be trampled.

“A victory for open government accessible by the people is so welcome in this Walker era of closed meetings, rushed laws and blocked access thrown in place to protect Republicans from the middle-class workers they are hurting,” said Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca. “I applaud the court for opening the people’s house to the people so they can actively participate in their government.”

Rep. Barca also noted the irony that millions continue to be spent on protecting Gov. Walker and his Republican allies from the people of Wisconsin, yet the budget passed early today contains massive funding cuts to communities used to support public safety all across Wisconsin.

“No expense is spared for extensive security in the Capitol, while no community is spared deep cuts in public safety funding in the Walker budget,” Barca added. “Unfortunately this administration does not place the same premium on public safety for the people who are paying the bills as it does its own protection. Our citizens sent us here to work on their behalf and put their interests first and they’ve been asked to give up their local law enforcement to come to Madison to lock down the Capitol. It is wrong to leave communities struggling to fund public safety in our districts because Republicans have decided not to pay their bills for our local public safety.”